All sessions are by appointment only. You book and pay for specific time slots that cannot be filled if you do not show up or give late notice. All sessions include only ethical work, in scope with my licensing and training, and best judgment. Modalities and techniques used are based on my training and experience and vary from client to client, appointment to appointment, for best results. If you are new to my practice, please make sure to email me with your needs and expectations first. Established clients and regulars have a standing invitation to contact me with questions and concerns.

Outcalls and larger programs may be available after an initial clinic session.



Rehabitilation Bodywork

This is the most popular session, with regulars enjoying them weekly, biweekly or monthly

  • therapeutic massage: $80/60' through @160/120' in 15' increments
  • 45min for only $65
  • may include homework stretch and exercise education
  • draped on table, or clothed on table or mat

Membership Available



Integrated Therapy

Ideal for those clients with areas of concern that require professional assessment and appropriate treatment. Athletes and clients with chronic pain and rehab needs benefit the most. My personal favorite, as it allows addressing and resolving more.

  • starts at 60min session
  • best value at 90minute sessions - $129
  • movement and postural assessment
  • targeted treatment
  • may include homework stretch and exercise education
  • please arrive or change into gym clothes

VIP Membership Available



Outcall: Business and Home Visits

Get most of the services available at the clinic at your home or place of business, after vetting for suitabilty. The fee calculates as n+1 with n the hours booked on location. This ensures cost coverage for associated costs of outcalls. 

  • Treat your employees: 3 (4) hours total of 20-30min sessions per person, $320 ($400); please specify table or chair
  • Treat yourself and household members: 1, 2 and 3 hours @ $160, 240, 320
  • Upgrade to orthopedic massage, exercise programming possible
  • Once established, you will receive a link for online scheduling

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