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One of the main reasons why I live in this area is to dive into the beautiful Florida aquifers, which I first did 17 years ago. Perhaps you are a diver interested in diving during your stay? Some of my traveling clients get to be here once or twice a year; we may go diving, they enjoy bodywork sessions with me, and they have a sounding board for questions and tips. I speak German and English alike. Let me know your interests and issues, including the value and best timing of bodywork for cave divers, using the form on the contact page.

My client demographics

Mostly healthy, athletic clients, from teenagers to retirees:

- endurance amateur athletes (especially around the race times, and many throughout the year)

- technical and cave divers

- dancers and acrobats

- weekend warriors

Clients who seek to remain as healthy as possible, for as long as possible:

- with complex medical conditions, including terminal conditions

- amputees / vets

- aging clients

- clients with physical professions or prone to job-related chronic pain

- clients experiencing elevated stress levels

Clients who want to return to a higher level of functioning and well-being after one or more events

- traumatic injury

- post-surgery and post-treatment

- post-injury (accidental or chronic)

Please ask me about memberships, gifted sessions, nominations and stipends

Why clients book and book again:

 - an excerpt of kindly provided testimonials by some of my dear clients.

As a thank-you for social media reviews, likes, and shares, you, too, can enjoy added time to your next session (FaceBook, GoogleMaps, Spa, and Wellness).

Franchise Consultant and Diver: chronic foot pain almost was gone after only one treatment

I went to see Claudia today as I have been suffering from pain in my right foot for the past six weeks. All the anti-inflammatories and even changes in diet have done nothing for me. Now, after the treatment, the pain is almost gone. She is a fantastic massage therapist and very caring. I highly recommend her!

Bookkeeping Business Owner and Yogi: Knowledgeable with the advanced skill set, genuine concern for positive results

I can highly recommend Claudia for a professional massage.  Claudia has the advanced skill set I need for her to be a part of my "self-care team," along with diet, exercise, and yoga.  Claudia's vast knowledge of the inner-workings of the human body systems comes into action at every massage.  Her concern for positive results is genuine.  Book an appointment today- I feel confident you will benefit as I have.

Receptionist and Higher Ed Student: intelligent, comfortable, relaxing deep tissue massage

Claudia is fabulous! I would highly recommend her to anyone. Her location is quiet and relaxing, and she is pleasant to be around. She is highly intelligent and has all the answers to my bodywork questions. I get deep tissue massages typically, but she is excellent at all the services she offers. Do yourself a favor and visit her! :)

Physical Therapy Student and Dancer: knowledgeable, fantastic, especially for athletes

It was my first time having a professional massage, and Claudia was fantastic! She is very knowledgeable about the body, and it showed. I definitely would recommend anyone, especially athletes, to see her.

Investigator and Ultra Runner: best therapist to relieve pain and prepare for ultra-marathon

Claudia Milz is the best massage therapist I have ever gone to in relieving muscle tightness, soreness, and joint pain.  She knows just what to do and will find those hidden knots that need to be worked out.  I always feel so much better after a massage session with Claudia. I am very physically active in the gym and running.  I could not imagine doing my ultra-running workouts without Claudia's excellent massages to help keep me feeling my best.

Licensed Massage Therapist and Family Man: peeking at her techniques for my clients

I currently see Claudia for my rehabilitation needs as a massage therapist. Claudia has the knowledge and skills that work, and I use several techniques I've learned from Claudia on my clients.

You can trust the bodywork you receive from Claudia; it's what the body and mind require.

Ship Captain and Diver:  impressive throughout

Claudia is outstanding. From the first time you see her onward, she will impress you. Initially, she finds out your needs and helps guide you to improving those issues. Then thru massage, she works her magic. If you have not tried her - do so - you will be highly impressed with the results.

Chiropractic:  most knowledgeable and professional

I appreciate everything you've done for us and our patients! You are one of the most knowledgeable and professional massage therapists I've met. I would recommend you to anyone.

Happily Retired and Amateur Bicyclist: remaining pain-free

My endurance sport causes pain. She goes in and often in minutes, fixes it! She also gave me exercises and stretches I do every day, and this prevents pain I had gotten entirely used to over the decades.

Veteran: remaining pain-free

I suffered from shoulder and knee pain from a service-connected disability, unable to do anything for over two years. This was the first therapy of any kind that removed, not just reduced, that pain physicians and I thought I would have to live with. Still enjoying her guidance, I exercise, sleep well, remain pain-free, and am returning to extended nature hikes.

Lawyer: beautiful spirit

You are a great therapist with a beautiful spirit. Thank you for working with me.

Manager: why wait so long for the first-ever massage?

Why did I wait for 53 years to have this experience?

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