More likely than not, I can help you,

I aim to help you optimize how your system functions while respecting any limitations and boundaries at all times. Our clinic space is welcoming, safe, peaceful, and our attitude is discrete, ethical, and non-judgmental of your personality and choices.

I have worked with and helped endurance and performing athletes; person post MVA (complex whiplash in particular), people with the Migraine, TMJ and allergy triad, people with cancer, autoimmune and immune-mediated conditions, self-employed clients who rely on being fit to work, clients with trauma, and many after injury, post-surgical and with complex scarring and adhesions, including nervous system related problems, nerve entrapments, and pain, addressing the cause rather than just the symptoms where possible.

While I won't send you away if all you want is to relax, and while our space is beautiful with a great vibe, if what you want is just spa-ish pampering, others focus on that. I work through clothes or drape, or with high viscosity media, and not with oil. My touch is never jarring, and constitutionally I am a pita-vata myself and have found such clients like my work the most. (If you don't know what that is, no problem). If you are looking for 'deep tissue,' you get this here also, but it probably is not what some say or think it is. It is not: high pressure Swedish. It is: knowingly addressing all tissues, such as deeper muscles, in a way that is therapeutic and makes sense. Actual deep tissue is an offshoot of Rolfing (which is protected, and only active license holders can call it that) and Structural Integration (similar, yet different). At FSM, this was called 'connective tissue therapy,' which is related to, but not the same as, myofascial therapy or release. It is for this confusion that I prefer not to advertise specific modalities. What I do is an individualized program just for you. There will likely be elements of all things I have learned and developed myself, most of all. 

Oh, and I can help your cats in particular. We have three (two with lousy arthritis, one young, athletic fellow) who love, love, love my work. So if you are interested in mobile appointments and your space is suitable, your cats and even dogs may like a brief session, too (they have to have all the shots, etc., and best to ask your vet if mt is appropriate, but yeah, when dogs meet me they turn into putty).

Florida Licensed Massage Therapist - current through August 2021


The combined massage therapy training hours exceed 1000, not even counting the Reiki apprenticeship that predates MT.


Massage and Hydrotherapy  -- Florida School of Massage

includes connective tissue, neuromuscular therapy, and Sports MT

Integrated Massage and Personal Training (IMAP) -- Go Primal

includes ROM and spinal curve assessment and exercise programming

Certified Personal Trainer - IMAP

Usui Reiki Master / Teacher -- BodyMind Wellness

Thai MT -- Bodhi Sangha

includes traditional Thai on mat and Thai on table

Continuing Education

Integrated Manual Therapy / Orthopedic Massage

Ortho Assessment and Treatment, Shoulder

Myofascial Components of Neck and Shoulder Pain

Getting Specific, Head, Neck and Shoulder

Resist and Release, Trager

Integrative Cranial Sacral Therapy (Trauma)

Reflexology (Hands, Feet, Endocrine System, Thai Foot)

Rehabilitation Fitness Specialist, ISFTA

Basic Life Support, CPR & AED provider, American Heart Association


Formal Education

Bachelor in Ceramic Engineering

Master in Ceramic, Glass, Construction Materials Engineering

KIT - Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering

UF - Executive MBA

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Six Sigma Black Belt Mastery

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