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Bobby's Serious Take on Things

Thoughts on laundry

February 2019 \\ Business Talk

I want to help mommy more with laundry than she'll let me. She says that laundry is one of the more important aspects that most clients don't get to learn much about and - have to trust is done right. The idea is to always have clean, warm enough, soft enough, hypoallerginic sheets for every session. Sanitary results without harsh chemicals or residues is key, along with preventing any allergic reactions or triggering of sensitivities. We only use natural, low or no waste, tried and tested, detergents, agents and means to soften the 100% cotton materials (generally flannel).

Bobby is our newest addition - he works for room, board and play

January 2019 \\ HR

I am Bobby, also known as the burrito cat. I was rescued at 3 weeks from a "throw-away colony" and bottlefed with my siblings. Adopted by my new mommy at 7 weeks. Now I am 3.5 months old and weigh 7.6lbs. I love my toy rat but also shred it in only days. I am very soft, athletic and smart, and my mommy knows just how to hold me and keep me safe. I love it here!


Overtraining the way the Dynamic Chiropractic (01/19) sees it!

January 2019

Exercise-related preventable injuries

Bobby is our newest addition - he works for room, board & play

January 2019


Other articles to come :)

January 2019

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