Serious help for applicants and business owners

I can offer some serious and much-needed help for any small business owner, and those that want to open their own business but do not know how to start nor prevent bad future situations due to lack of knowledge and research early on. This includes the financial and commercial side of things.

If you are an applicant aiming to land softly a good and promising career, I can help you also, reviewing your needs and expectations, and framing your application honestly and effectively from the start to the early days into your new position.

My over a decade long experience as a mentor and entrepreneur-in-residence with entrepreneurs, startup CEOs, and new companies around a patent, better mouse trap, and what is simply a good idea sets me up perfectly to be a go-to person for anyone needing someone to honestly and constructively supporting and evaluating such a nascent effort.

Perhaps you already have angel funding (such as from family and friends), but need a prototype to go any further. Perhaps you know your idea is great, but you do not know how to navigate the nitty gritty. You are the perfect CTO but don't know how to be a CEO or COO, or how to screen for one. You may not know what is realistic, or when to dive in fully.

The CEOs I mentored through DCN (while under contract for STIR/SBBR grants) and WTB (originated in Texas, now San Diego, CA) either have done very well, won funding and took off to good things, or they knew early when and how to return to the drawing board. I also mentored the first winning team of eWITS (empowerign Women in Technology Startups, sponsored by the Innovation Hub of the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL) in 2013.

I am available on retainer and for an agreed-upon project you may need my skills for. I am open to function as a mostly remotely operating entrepreneur both via payroll and sweat equity / convertible debt combined with basic project time pay.

My relevant academic achievements include BEng, MEng, PhD and executive MBA. I am a native German speaker and have near native, university level English fluency, and am a US citizen. I can and have functioned as the entrepreneur in residence and am open to fill a position as CTO or equivalent, well understanding that I am more of a leader than manager, more of a technical, analytical and strategic person than someone who is mostly tactical and likes to sell.

Please ask me about mentoring and consulting on either/or the technical and business side of a new technology business and all the ins and outs from conception to scaling. My expertise and interest lie in early stage through growth of the lifecycle and not in mature manufacturing, though I have expertise in that later phase also.

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