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Your Therapist's Motivation

I aim to help you optimize how your system functions, while respecting any limitations and your boundaries at all times. My working with you is of course meant to help you as much as possible, and in turn I learn from each client to help all others. The environment I have created for us is welcoming, safe, discrete, ethical, and non-judgmental of your person and choices. I am a life-long learner, who aims to understand what something is supposed to do, could ideally do, why it does not function that way, and figuring out how to help change that. YOU do all the healing. I just help along, artfully, ever in awe of the healing body. I only recommend and use with my clients what I have experienced as beneficial myself. High quality for the client committed to their health at a great price.

Elephant in the room: why would I do this with my other career options? When I got very ill, instead of taking a time-out for easily half a year to one year, and accepting all offered conventional treatments, I took the 'minimum effective dose' and broadened my healing with in-depth lifestyle changes that have served me very well. This was almost immediately followed by getting trained well  in the field that helped me the most with my own rehab. This is something my original career and lifestyle alone didn't have to offer - be effective right then and there, and to share this wonderful gift.

Florida Licensed Massage Therapist


The combined massage therapy training hours exceed 1000.


Massage and Hydrotherapy  -- Florida School of Massage

includes connective tissue, neuromuscular therapy and Sports MT

Integrated Massage and Personal Training (IMAP) -- Go Primal

includes ROM and spinal curve assessment and exercise programming

Certified Personal Trainer - IMAP

Usui Reiki Master / Teacher -- BodyMind Wellness

Thai MT -- Bodhi Sangha

includes traditional Thai on mat and Thai on table

Continuing Education

Integrated Manual Therapy / Orthopedic Massage

Ortho Assessment and Treatment, Shoulder

Myofascial Components of Neck and Shoulder Pain

Getting Specific, Head, Neck and Shoulder

Resist and Release, Trager

Integrative Cranial Sacral Therapy (Trauma)

Reflexology (Hands, Feet, Endocrine System, Thai Foot)

Rehabilitation Fitness Specialist, ISFTA

CPR & AED provider, American Heart Association


Formal Education

Bachelor and Master in Ceramic Engineering

KIT - Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering

UF - Executive MBA

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Six Sigma Black Belt Mastery